The Spice Market

The Spice Market – Largest Historical Spice Market in Eminönü

In the heart of Istanbul’s old city Eminönü, The Spice Market is located. It is one of the largest covered markets in Istanbul, Turkey. The vibrant colors of different spices give a unique adventurous vibe to its visitors. People love to visit this enchanting place filled with aromatic spices.The market is beautifully designed, attracting tourists’ attention and persuading them to buy amazing cultural things. Here we have discussed some interesting things about this market that you must know before visiting.

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Interesting Background and Features of The Spice Market

Before visiting this splendid largest market, you should know its history, architecture, and unique features. When you visit a new place knowing its history, your tour becomes more beautiful as you can better understand that place. So, let’s discuss it.

History of Spice Market

The world-famous Spice Market was purposely built-in 1660 to generate funds for maintaining the New Valide Mosque. Rented shops in the market generate funds to maintain the mosque. Architect Koca Kasim Aga designed this bazaar, and its construction started under the supervision of a talented court architect Mustafa Aga.

It was given the name New Bazaar due to its association with New Mosque. Then its name got changed to Egyptian Bazaar, now known as “Spice Bazaar.” Some people also call it Corn Bazaar because “Egypt” also means “Corn” in the Turkish language.

This market was the trading center of Spice in Istanbul, but now you can also see a variety of other shops there, including jewelry, dried fruits, and nuts.

Egyptian Bazaar
New Bazaar

When this market was under construction at the end of 1660, a massive fire broke out and damaged the bazaar and mosque along with other areas. Sultan gave orders to recover the mosque, bazaar, and surroundings after the fire, and the construction of Spice Market was finally completed in 1665.

Exciting Features of Spice Market

This market is covered with a beautiful architectural roof which is the best feature of this market. You can feel the beauty of this historical market by entering here.

This market has more than 85 shops selling various things from spices to jewelry and foods. The colorful spices look charming and beautiful. Their vibrant colors amaze your soul, and you get a great experience from this visit.

The antique and unique beautiful boxes, vases, and utensils attract your attention. You must buy some beautiful, unique objects from here as a memory of your visit.

Many shops are designed in a beautiful architectural way, which you cannot find anywhere else. Such beauty is scarce to see in the markets because shops are mainly created simply in other places.

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Architecture and Tour of Spice Market

It seems like a historic old building from the outside, but you get lost in another world of spices here when you enter this market. You can find anything in this market, but the spices shops are dominated.

After every two to three shops, there is a spices shop. The architectural design of this market’s dome-shaped roof is like other mosques in Istanbul. Enlighted beautiful interior of the spice market attracts tourists towards it.

Guide for Beginners to Visit the Spice Market

If you are going to Spice Market for the first time, then our guide will be most beneficial for you as we have discussed all the minor details of visiting this market. Make sure you know everything properly to have a smooth and joyful visit.

Location of Spice Market

It is located in the center of the Eminönü quarter of the faith district. Its address is Rüstem Paşa Mahkeme Sokak, Istanbul 34116.

Visit the Spice Market
Spice Market

Opening Timings of Spice Market

It remains open from 9 am to 7 pm seven days a week. But keep in mind that it remains closed on religious holidays. Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha are the primary religious holidays when the entire market remains closed.

Best Time to Visit Spice Market

The best time to visit this market is during the morning from 10 am to 1 pm. During this time market is not much crowded so you can easily visit this market and go shopping here. Try to visit on working days as this place gets overcrowded with local people during weekends. Make sure that you are not visiting it during religious holidays.

Things to Do in Spice Market

You can take photos there and shop for cultural things, jewelry, and clothes. Moreover, you can buy eatables there and explore Muslim culture and antique things they use. Ask the shopkeepers about the things you don’t understand and learn more than you have bargained for. All in all, you will have a lot to see and shop here.

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Entrance Fee of Spice Market

There is no entrance fee for Spice Market. You can visit this place for totally free. But it is better to keep plenty of money in your wallet for shopping from this market. You can buy jewelry and other wonderful Turkish cultural things which are glorious in their beauty and charm.

How to Reach Spice Market

First, you need to reach Eminonu. If you are far away from it, then take a bus and reach Eminönü. If you are relatively close to Eminönü, take a tram to get there. After reaching Eminönü, simply walk towards New Mosque or get a taxi. On the lower side of the New Mosque, Spice Market is located.

Final Verdict

Spice Market is a must-visit place if you are going to visit Istanbul, Turkey. You can do some shopping there. We recommend you to keep this place as your final destination before returning, to carry your shopping easily.

Being a historical heritage, this market has its own value in the hearts of the Turkish people. Overall this market is the best place to learn about the core of Turkish culture and its beauty.


Spice Market