The Galata Tower

The Galata Tower – Romanesque Styled, Heaven Touching Tower

The Galata tower is a historical and aesthetic icon of Istanbul. It holds the significant beauty of the city. Where Istanbul is famous for its glorious mosques, there, this beautiful monument has excellent aesthetic beauty and importance in this city.
This place mainly attracts tourists to see the beautiful views of Istanbul from the top of this Tower. It was built as a defense in the past and is now used as a place of amusement and joy.
Here we will discuss facts and other details about the Galata tower, which you must know before visiting.

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History and Architecture of Sky-High Galata Tower

The Galata tower has its own place in the historical heritage of Istanbul. Tourists take a keen interest in knowing about its history. You should also know about its past and background to feel that place while visiting and enjoying there. Here we will discuss the architecture and history of the Galata tower.

Galata Tower History

The gigantic and wondrous Galata Tower was initially built by Byzantine Emperor in 507 AD as a defense tower to the walls of Galata. Then Genoese rebuilt it in 1348 as a watchtower and changed its name to The Tower of Christ. Now its official name is Galata Kulesi Museum. When this Tower was built, it was the highest building.
This Tower was damaged and repaired multiple times. In the 1500’s it was damaged by an earthquake and repaired during the Selim period. Again in 1831, it got damaged by a fire and was repaired in 1967 by Mahmut. He also covered its top with a cone-shaped floor covering cap. This tower was rebuilt and modified in the ottoman empire.

Kalata kulesi
Galata Kulesi

The splendid Galata Tower is a historical heritage of Istanbul. This Tower lets you have a charming and delightful view of other historical places in Istanbul. Tourists can view the Golden Horn Bay, the Egyptian market in Eminönü, the Hagia Sophia, and Sultan Ahmed (Sultanahmet) Mosque from the Tower’s windows.

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The Architecture of Galata Tower

The wonderful heaven touching Galata Tower is a nine-story structure beautifully built-in 1348 in Constantinople. This Tower was built in a masonry rubble stone system, so the exterior of this Tower is stone mesh.

The interior has many beautiful windows previously used as circular arches by soldiers. Now tourists use them to watch soul-refreshing 360-degree scenes of the entire glorious city of Istanbul. Blue mosque can also be seen in its full glory and beauty from this Tower.

The lower floors of this Tower are mainly used as museums and exhibition areas. This Tower is beautified with splendid lighting that gives Istanbul a pleasant and lovely night view.

The Upper Part of the Tower

You can reach the wonderful and most scenic part of the tower-the upper section through a lift or elevator. The upper floor of Galata Tower has a luxurious and splendid restaurant and cafe.

Galata Tower Restaurant

People from all over the world come to the Galata Tower restaurant to enjoy Istanbul’s delicious food and scenic views.

The lights in the restaurant are arranged in such a way that you can enjoy the sensual scenes without any reflection or disturbance of lights through the windows.

The upper section also has a nightclub in which a Turkish show is hosted.

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Restaurant in Galata Tower
Galata Tower guide

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Visit the Galata Tower

Before visiting the Galata Tower, you should know its timing, location, entrance fee, rules, and other small things. So, you can have a better idea of how to plan your tour perfectly. In this way, you can enjoy yourself more confidently as you wouldn’t have to worry about small things by asking random people.

Here is a guided tour of the Galata Tower for your smooth journey. There is no early booking required to visit this tower. You can conveniently pay the entrance fee on the spot or even online.

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Where Is It Located?

It is in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul in the quarter of Galata. The address of Galata Tower is Büyük Hendek Caddesi 2, Istanbul 34421.

What is the Opening and Closing Timing of Galata Tower?

This place remains open from 9 am to 12 am during summer. In winter it gets open from 9 am to 8 pm. It is recommended to visit the Galata Tower between 9 to 7 pm. Let me tell you why.

Why Early Morning or Evening is the Best Time to Visit the Galata Tower?

The best time to visit this Tower is in the evening to enjoy the day and night time both views of the magnificent city-Istanbul from this Tower. You would also enjoy the beautiful sunset during this time.

But if you don’t like the crowd, try to go there during the morning, i.e., 10 am, preferably on working days as this Tower gets crowded with local people on weekends.

What is the Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee of the Galata Tower is 100 Turkish Liras. If you want to go on the upper floor, the elevator costs around 35 Turkish Liras. If you intend to eat here, you should carry a few extra Liras. The restaurant serves delectable food and coffee.

Galata Tower Entrance Fee
Seagull in Galata Tower

How to Reach the Galata Tower?

You can reach the Galata Tower by tram, bus, or underground transport. Karakoy station is the closest station to Galata Tower. You can reach that station and then get on a bus, tram, or taxi to reach it.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend you visit this scenic and serene place. A visit to this tower is a bit costly, but it would be worth it. You can glance at the entire city from the top of this Tower while relaxing on its tranquil balcony.

Istanbul never fails to surprise its visitors by having such unique places to visit. Your trip will become more beautiful if you enjoy it by following our guide to visiting the Galata tower.

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