Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

Pedestrian Street – The Heart of Modern Istanbul

Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi are Istanbul’s most visited and famous pedestrian streets. These enlighted streets have a massive variety of shops. You can find everything here from clothes and decorations to food.
You shall see people from diverse cultures here, as tourists get attracted by such enlightened streets full of life and beauty. These places are the heart of Istanbul’s culture and hold immense attraction. You must visit this wonderful place to get the complete joy of the culture with delicious street foods.

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All There is to Know About Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi are the places where you can have a nice walk while discovering unique Turkish culture. You would be amazed to read its history, that it was built so long ago, but still, it reflects modernism. You can get modern food, clothes, mobile phones and brands here. Before visiting it, look at its history and beautiful spots here.

History of Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

In Arabic word “Taksim” means “distribution.” Taksim Square was the place where the main water lines were gathered from the north and distributed to other parts of Istanbul. It was created in the Ottoman period by Sultan Mahmud 1.

Before the construction of Taksim Square, another building called “Taksim Artillery Barracks” was situated at this place which later became a Stadium. In 1940, this stadium was diminished to create Taksim Square by French architects and city planners.

On October 29, 1923, Turkey became a republic after the Turkish war of independence. The primary recognition of Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi is the Republic Monument built in the center of Taksim Square to honor the republication of Turkey.

Dr. Hakkinasi Pasha unveiled this commemorating statue at Taksim Square on August 8, 1928, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Turkey’s Republication.

People in Istiklal Caddesi
Republic statue Istanbul

Current Status Quo

Now, Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi is a place for tourists attraction. It is the center of the metro network in Istanbul. This public square is used for hangouts by local people and as a historical destination for tourists. People loved to arrange gatherings and festivals here in the past, but now it is prohibited by the government.

You can get a beautiful view of the Taksim Mosque, built here for prayers. This mosque is also an adorable place, and you can take amazing pictures from this view. If you go to Taksim Square, you must visit this beautiful mosque.

Taksim Gezi Park is also located in the same place. You must visit this cute little part when you visit Taksim Square.

Design of Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

The design of Taksim Square is circular with beautiful greenery around it. The Republic Statue in the middle of Taksim Square gives it a classy and historical look.

The statue, designed by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica, is an 11-meter-high monument. It illustrates the Turkish Republic’s founders. Moreover, it is a two-sided sculpture that depicts the Turkish War of Independence on one side and the modern Turkish Republic on the other.


When you enter the street, the shops are built in a pretty simple way but still look amazing. The lights placed on the upper parts of the street for decoration enlighten the place giving your eyes sparkle.
Mosque and museums in that place have their own architecture and design that grabs attention.
The market in this place is not covered like Spice Market, but still, it is much famous due to its historical importance.
In the entire street along the pathways, you will see the plants arranged throughout and seats for people to sit on. You can rest there if you get tired from walking through it.

Interesting Features of Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

  • The fragrance of spicy and delicious foods attracts you to check out their taste. Having some mouthwatering foods will make your tour more memorable.
  • Taksim Mosque and museums are present nearby. You can visit them too.
  • Galata Tower is within walking distance of Taksim Square.
  • You can find people from all cultures there, eating Turkish food and enjoying it.
  • Taksim Gezi Park is also located near Taksim Square, which you can also visit.
Istiklal street

Beginners Guide to Visit Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

Before visiting Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi, make sure you know about its opening timings, location, and entrance fee to enjoy your tour without any problem later on. Here we have a complete guide for beginners to visit this place.

Location of Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi

They are located in the center of Istanbul, where the central metro station of Istanbul is located. Istiklal Caddesi is attached to Taksim Square. The address of this place is Sıraselviler Caddesi 7, Istanbul 34437.

Opening Timings of Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

Taksim square and Istiklal Caddesi are always open and there is always people walking around. Precisely for this reason you will always feel safe!

Best Time to Visit Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

It is better to visit these places during working days from 1 pm to 6 pm because it gets crowded with local people on weekends who come here for hangouts and shopping.

Things to do in Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi

  • You can roam about that place observing the Turkish market culture.
  • You can visit the garden, Taksim Mosque, and nearby museums.
  • You can capture some memorable moments with your camera while having fun in that place.
  • You can explore and enjoy different spicy and delicious foods on that street.
  • You can do some shopping in Turkish shops.

Entrance Fee of Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi

There is no entrance fee to get into these places and roam about, but the museums and other nearby points charge an entrance fee. Make sure you have enough money to visit nearby museums. You must carry a few Liras to check out the delicious food on this street and shop for family and friends.


The new mosque in Taksim
The new mosque in Taksim

How to Reach Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi

You can walk from Galata tower towards this place through the streets. If you are far away from this place, take a metro bus to your nearby station, the metro bus will directly drop you at Taksim square. You can also take a taxi or tram to reach this place.

Final Verdict

Taksim and Istiklal Caddesi are places full of energy and life. These places are an amalgam of Turkish culture and modernism. Tourists love to visit this point because it is rich in culture and modernism.

It is unbelievable that this modern point holds immense historical value. We highly recommend visiting this vibrant and shining place full of lights along the entire street.