Rumelihisari -The Grand and Glorious Rumelian Castle

Situated on the European hills of Istanbul, Rumelihisari is a magnificent historical asset of Istanbul. Created for conquering Istanbul, this fortress is now a tourist attraction.
Its vast walls and cannons inside symbolize the enthusiasm of Ottoman soldiers, so you must visit this giant and glorious fort. This has become a famous public museum, and you can see many historical military assets displayed here.

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Remarkable History and Splendid Architecture of Rumelihisari

If you are going to visit this remarkable monument that memorizes the conquest of Istanbul, then you should know about the magnificent history and Architecture of Rumelihisari. You can feel the place when you know its history and the reason for building the place.

History of Rumelihisari

Rumelihisari, the magnificent fortress, was built by Sultan Mehmet 2, the Ottoman Empire, in 1452. This fort was built to conquer the Byzantine city Constantinople.

The Bosphorous strait was used to transport military aid to Byzantine. Ottomans built the two fortresses Rumelihisari and Anadolu Hisari to cut-off military aid, potentially going to Byzantine. By cutting off their military aid, Byzantines got weak, and the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, later named Istanbul.

The Ottomans had blocked the strait and cut-off military aid to Byzantine. That’s why it is also called “Strait-Blocker Castle” or “Throat-cutter Castle.”

Rumelihisari is the most memorable historical monument of Istanbul, symbolizing the planned conquer of Ottoman Rule.

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Rumelian Castle
Rumeli Hisari

After the conquest, Rumelihisari was used as an occasional prison and a checkpoint, especially for the rival states.

The great earthquake of 1509 extensively damaged the fort. Then the structure was repaired and again used in the late 19th century.

Current Status of Rumelihisari

Today the Rumelihisari has gained the status of a famous public museum. It is also used as an open-air venue for different festivals, concerts, and special events. Above all, it is also used as a tourist attraction for people worldwide.

Architechture of Rumelihisari

Rumelihisari was built on the plan of Ottoman Architecture. It has thirteen small watchtowers, three main towers, and one small tower. Six watchtowers are cylindrical-shaped, and six watchtowers are prism-shaped, having multiple corners. One watchtower is like a quadrangular-shaped prism.

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It has one small tower and three massive main towers. The central tower’s name is Sarica Pasha Tower. In the middle of the fortress, there is Halil Pasha Tower. It has a dodecagonal prism structure with nine stories. The Southcentral tower Zaganos Pasha Tower has a total of 8 stories. There are wooden floors in the space between each tower equipped with a furnace.

This fortress has three main gates to the main towers and two secret gates leading to weapons and food cellars. Tiny wooden houses of soldiers are also built here.

In the 16th century, a mosque for soldiers was also built there for soldiers’ prayer, but this mosque had not survived after the earthquake.

Complete Guide to Visit Rumelihisari for Beginners

Before visiting this incredibly glorious place, you must know some basic information about it. So you can visit it confidently without any confusion. To make your tour more joyful, we have a guide for you to explain even minor details about this visit. So let’s start.

Location of Rumelihisari

This fortress is located on the European hills of Bosphorus, towards the Bebek area. The address of this fortress is Rumeli Hisarı 4. Sokak, Istanbul 34470.

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Rumeli Hisari
Best time to visit Rumelihisari

Opening Timings of Rumelihisari

Opening timings of Rumelihisari are 9 am to 4 pm. You can visit this fortress during this time.

Best time to visit Rumelihisari

The best time to visit Rumeli Hisari is in the morning from 10 am to 2 pm during working days. During this time, the fortress remains crowd-free, and you can calmly visit this place.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunset, try to visit this place in the evening in winter. In summers, sunset occurs very late, so you cannot see it through the fortress, but you can see it offshore along the road.

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Things to Do in Rumelihisari

  • You can go inside Rumelihisari fort and can take photographs there. You can even sit on the seats placed all inside the fort while having a beautiful view of the strait from the fortress.
  • There are ancient military weapons inside the fortress that you can see.
  • You can explore the fortress and read about it written on the history plates.
  • You can have a tour of the sea on Bosphorus tour boats.
  • You can have a nice walk along the strait beside the road. It will be soul-refreshing to see the deep blue sea sitting on a seat and taking deep breaths.

Entrance Fee of Rumelihisari

The entrance fee of Rumelihisari is 30 Turkish Liras in 2022. You can also use the Istanbul Museum pass to enter this fort.

How to Reach Rumelihisari

Reach the nearest bus station that leads to this fortress. You can take the Bus 25E (Kabatas—Sariyer) which will lead you to Rumeli Hisari stop. From there, you can easily reach this glorious fortress.

A Brief Tour of Rumelihisari

When you reach the fortress, park the car in the parking area in front of Rumelihisari. Then go inside the fortress and pay the entrance fee there.

After getting inside, you will see a little board there with the structure and basic building plan of this fortress. You shall see a lot of stairs leading to the uppermost portion of the fortress. There are many trees inside, which enrich the fortress in greenery. The walls, the stairs, everything there seems perfectly ancient and gives you a feel of Ottoman reign for a few moments.

Things to Do in Rumelihisari
Rumelian Castle

The old walls of the fortress and old cannons make you think about the wars that had happened in the past. It makes you think about the soldiers, empires, and conquerors of Istanbul. You can experience these feelings when you visit the fortress.

Bottom Line

If you are going to Istanbul, Rumelihisari is a beautiful traveling destination. This building has a different environment than all other places due to its ancient and gigantic structure.

Your tour will be full of adventure as the entire fort is very different from modern and lavish Istanbul. When you step into the fort, you feel like you have stepped back into Ottoman time. So, this incredible fort is a must-visit for you.

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