Galata Bridge

The wonderful Galata Bridge 

Galata Bridge is the wonderful bridge that connectes Eminönü and Beyoğlu. This bridge is famous for its views of the city and beauty. The beautiful, wondrous, enchanting view of the Golden Horn blows your mind.
The shining, glittering water refreshes your soul. The beautiful view of the New Mosque and Galata Tower makes it no less than heaven. Both daytime and night views of this bridge are breathtaking. That’s why this bridge is one of the favorite tourist spots.

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History and Architecture of Galata Bridge

The history of this bridge is quite interesting as it has built over four times in the past before the final construction. When you get to know about its history and architecture, you will have more fun when you visit. So, let’s discuss its changing history, beautiful architecture, and exciting features.

History of Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge is also known as the fifth bridge of Istanbul, as before its final construction, four bridges had been created in the past, and it’s the fifth one.

First Bridge

The first bridge in place of the Galata Bridge was built in 1453, known as Cisr-i Cedid. It was a wooden bridge built by Sultan Abdülmecid I.

Second Bridge

A second bridge was constructed in 1863 on the orders of Sultan Abdul Aziz. It was built a little more robust than the previous one.

Süleymaniye Mosque's history
The Chief architect of the Ottoman Empire

Third Bridge

In 1875 a German company built another wooden bridge in its place. A French company previously signed the contract for building this bridge, but this project was left halfway due to the war. Therefore, a German company was hired to complete it as soon as possible. This bridge started getting weaker and damaged from several sides afterward.

Fourth Bridge

Another German firm started constructing the fourth bridge in 1912. It was a floating bridge much more robust and more expensive than previous ones. Then in 1992, a vast fire badly damaged that bridge.

Fifth Bridge

Construction of the final bridge, the Galata Bridge, started immediately by a Turkish company called STFA. It was built just a few distances away from the last bridge. It got completed in 1994.

Current Status of Galata Bridge

Now the contemporary Galata Bridge floats between Eminönü and Beyoğlu. It is not only used as a transport bridge but also used as a chilling point for locals and as a tourist attraction place.

It has several restaurants and coffee shops beneath it, where locals may dine while watching the ferry boats and fishers pass by.

Recently a tramway has also been built as a public transport. This bridge also has a fish market and fishing points that are locals’ favorites.

The Architecture of Galata Bridge

It is a bascule bridge 80 meters wide and 490 meters long. It has three vehicular ways on which all the buses, cars, and other vehicles run. Two walkways on each side of the bridge allow tourists and local people to enjoy it here. Also, the tram tracks are recently added to it, which has made traveling very easy for people through it. It has a 42-meter expansive deck.

There is also a market area on the first floor built in 2003 for local use. Mostly you will see fresh fish being sold here. This is the most popular fish market in Istanbul, where you can get fresh fish at a pretty low price.

Exciting Features of Galata Bridge

  • The fish market here is the most popular among locals to get freshly caught fish at a low price.
  • The view of the entire lightning Istanbul around the bridge makes you realize the life and richness of this city.
  • This bridge is constructed recently, but its importance is historic.
  • The bridge functioned as a symbolic link between the two diverse cultures of Istanbul: the secular, traditional ones, and the modern, non-Muslims.
The Architecture of Süleymaniye Mosque
Süleymaniye Mosque location

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Visit Galata Bridge

Your visit becomes more joyful when you know all the unique things about the place you are visiting. In this regard, we have a complete beginners’ guide to visiting this bridge, the connecting string between two pieces of Istanbul.

Location of Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge is the fifth bridge of Istanbul located on the Golden Horn. Its address is Hoca Kasim Koprusu Sk, Istanbul, Turkey.

Visiting Timings of Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge remains open 24 hours. You can visit it any time.

Best Timings to Visit Galata Bridge

The best time to visit this Bridge is half an hour before sunset. You shall see the magical beauty of the water when the golden sky enlights the water of the Golden Horn. Plus, you will see both daytime and night-time views of that bridge.

Things to Do While Visiting Galata Bridge

You can help fishing men in fishing. It would be an entirely different joy for you.

Entrance Fee for Galata Bridge

There is no entrance fee to visit this bridge. You can visit it totally for free.

How to Reach Galata Bridge

If you are going from Sultanahmet, take a metro or bus to Laleli. From Vezneciler, retake a metro to Halic, then walk down the hill to Galata Bridge.

A Brief Tour of Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge has two tracks on both sides for walking. You will take one of these tracks to start your tour.

When you reach Galata Bridge, you see people taking pictures there and chilling while watching the beautiful shining water and the city buildings. You will have a charming view of Galata Tower and The New Mosque.

Entrance Fee for Süleymaniye Mosque
How to Reach Süleymaniye Mosque?

There will be many anglers trying to catch fish; you can request them to let you fish for a few minutes. It will be a fantastic experience and totally fun for you.

You can get fresh fish from here and at a meager price from the fish market, built on the first floor.

Final Verdict

This beautiful bridge is a beautiful destination for you if you love walking and seeing beautiful scenes. Galata Bridge is noteworthy for its beautiful views around.

If you are visiting Istanbul, you must visit all the big and small places for the whole experience and joy. This bridge attracts tourists towards it mainly due to its views and beauty. The liveliness of Istanbul can be seen in this calm place.

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