Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Eyüp Sultan Mosque – One of the Most Sacred Pilgrimage Sites

Situated in the heart of the district, Eyüp of Istanbul is a mosque first built back in the 15th century. Regardless of its old history, this mosque is no less than any modern building. Specific modifications and innovations have been brought to this mosque with time. Here is every detail about its history, the changes brought to it, and what to expect when you visit this holy shrine and mosque.

About Eyüp Sultan Mosque – History and Modernization

·      History

Eyüp Sultan Mosque’s history is profound. It all started in 674-678 when Arabs sieged Constantinople. Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari was also present in this war. However, he died without witnessing the victory of his colleagues. After conquering Constantinople, his companion buried him near the city’s walls.

In 1453, Sultan Mehmet II conquered the city, and it came under the Ottoman empire. After that, the teacher of Sultan Mehmet had a dream about the location of Hazrat Abu Ayyub’s Grave. Emperor first planted a tree as a recognition mark of the grave. However, in 1458 a shrine and mosque were formed at this site.  This mosque was given the name “Eyüp Sultan Mosque.”

·      Modernization of the Mosque

After the construction of Eyüp Sultan Camii, many people worldwide start visiting it. However, the main reason for these visits is the mosque’s virtual spirits instead of its architecture. With time, the mosque was deformed in many places. The main reason behind this demolition was environmental factors.

Eyüp Sultan Camii
Eyüp Sultan Camii Entrance

Later on, an earthquake almost leveled the mosque. This incident took place in 1766. Therefore, it was required to reconstruct the mosque from zero point. In 1800, Sultan Selim III took this responsibility and started its rebuilding. This time it was constructed using modern techniques. Baroque architectural techniques were used, which are still considered modern ones.

In 1823, again, the Eyüp Sultan Mosque required reconstruction. This time, it was lightning, which destroyed all the mosque’s minarets facing the seaside. Different events take place, and the mosque keeps on rebuilding and repairing. The last time it was repaired was during the presidency of Adnan Menderes. All these repairing and rebuilding resulted in the modernization of the mosque.

·      Mosque’s Architecture

During the mosque’s construction in 1800, the baroque architecture style was used. It was first bloomed in Italy in the late 16th century or early 17th century. It looks like the theatrical version of some modern architectural styles of that era.

According to the current era, baroque architecture is still a popular technique with some amendments. It involves classic contrast of colors and some lighting effects to create innovative designs. Some optical illusion techniques are also used in this architectural style. Just imagine the three-dimensional illusions of original objects on the mosque’s wall. It will boost your will to pay a visit to this mosque.


Eyüp Sultan Mosque has one large tomb of 16-meter diameters. It is surrounded by 16 small domes as attractive as the central tomb. There were two separate courtyards used for different purposes during the Ottomans’ reign. Besides that, the Shrine of Sultan Eyüp is also present in that mosque. Tiles and other construction materials of different periods were used in it. It makes a beautiful, overwhelming contrast.

Tourists’ Guide to Eyüp Sultan Mosque – Recall the Glory of the Great Ottoman Empire

This mosque is of prime importance for Muslims. After paying a visit to this mosque, you will be able to learn about the great history of the Ottoman Empire and the architectural styles of that era. There is a complete guide to provide you with an opportunity to travel in the past.


Eyüp Sultan Camii interior
Eyüp Sultan Camii outside

·      Entrance and Fee

Entrance to Eyüp Sultan Mosque is free of any cost. This is because it is not only a beautiful piece of architecture for the Muslims. It is a sacred mosque for them, and you can get into any mosque without paying a single penny. You can use a metro line or a ferry to get to the mosque entrance. A lot of birds will welcome you upon entrance to the mosque. You can feed them if you want.

·      Main Attraction I – Tomb of Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari

Eyüp Sultan’s tomb is the main attraction for most visitors. It is the reason behind the popularity of this mosque. Every year, many Muslims all across the globe come to visit the shrine of a holy companion of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

During weekends and religious festivals, there is an excellent crowd of Muslims. It consists of a single dome and eight corner edifices. Decorated with blue and white tiles and illusions, this is a great treat to watch it.

Inside the tomb, you can also see some of the antiquities. These are directly attributed to Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. Teeth and hairs from the beard of the Holy Prophet are also included in it.

·      Main Attraction II – Cable Car

Eyüp Sultan Teleferic is one of the main things to do during this visit. Starting from the Gold Horn, you will be at the Pierre Loti Hill. The cable car will fly over the Golden Horn bridge and Eyüp Sultan Mosque. The beautiful sceneries of the city and the color contrast of the mosque will look overwhelming from the heights.

·      Main Attraction III – Coronation Road

Eyüp Sultan Mosque was considered the most sacred place in the Ottoman Empire, especially in Turkey, due to the reference of Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari. Therefore, it was a place where many royal rites were performed. One of those was the coronation ceremony.

Coronation Road is a symbolic display of the place where the ceremony of girding the sword on horseback took place. The upcoming emperors received greetings and visited Eyüp Sultan. They rode on horseback to the backyard where the coronation ceremony was observed and handed over the royal sword.

You will never miss an opportunity to glance at the place where a big royal ceremony like coronation took place. It will remind you of the different Ottoman emperors.

Eyüp Sultan Camii interior
Eyüp Sultan Camii Entrance

·      Timings of the Mosque

Eyüp Sultan Mosque’s opening hours or closing ones don’t exist as it never closes. You can get inside the mosque any time you want. However, there are is a specific timetable for the shrine of Sultan Eyüp. It remained open between 9:30 am and 4 pm. Though there is no entrance fee, you can make specific donations there.

Final Verdict

Going through the glorious past and witnessing the progress and modernizations of past eras is something that you can never resist. Eyüp Sultan Mosque is ranked 4th among the sacred places of Muslims and is an excellent example of architecture. So, what are you waiting for, plan your visit to this historical, ancient, and sacred mosque and enjoy the journey!