Çamlica Mosque

Çamlica Mosque – A Combination of Modern and Classical Ottoman Architecture

More than 82,000 mosques in Turkey, and more than 3000 mosques are present only in Istanbul. Çamlica Mosque, Istanbul was built years after most of the famous mosques in Turkey.
However, it got a lot of attention from all across the globe. Since its inauguration in 2019, more than 12 million people have visited it, despite the restrictions due to Corona Virus Pandemic. Here is every detail about this mosque.

The Back Story of Çamlica Mosque

The construction of the Çamlica mosque first came into discussion in 2000. It all started when the Turkish Government decided to build a mosque on Çamlica Hill. The purpose behind this project is to show the world their economic strength.

·      The Minds Behind Çamlica Mosque

A competition was held by Istanbul Mosque and Education-Culture Service Units Building and Living Society to find the design of this project. In 2013, construction of the mosque started, and it was completed in 2019. This great mosque took six years to get to where it today is.

Bahar Mzrak and Hayriye Gül Totu were two female architects who participated in this competition and designed the Çamlica Mosque, Turkey. Their project won the second prize. There is no clear evidence about the first prize winners as 2nd one gets valued, and the mosque was constructed according to it.

·      The Fascinating Architecture of Çamlica Mosque

Though the Çamlica mosque was built in today’s modern era, it still has the impact of classic Ottoman architecture.

Mosques in Turkey
Çamlica view

There are several reasons behind this classic and modern mixture of architecture. The first reason is the project’s design. Bahar Mzrak and Hayriye Gül Totu designed it after being impressed by Mimar Sinan’s architectural work.
Mimar Sinan was one of the greatest Ottoman architects. Other than that, at the construction time, it was also kept in mind that the mosque let the Muslims feel more spiritual during prayers. Seljuk architecture is also visible in the mosque, along with Ottoman architectural style.

Modernization is visible on the exterior and western sides of the mosque, facing Anatolia. The paint of its domes and minerals is the most advanced. Nanotechnology has been used for that purpose, making paint erosion accessible.

·      Geographic Location

Çamlica Mosque’s location is exciting. It is situated on the Çamlica hill, present in the Üsküdar district. Çamlica hill is about 288 meters above sea level. Its location is also a cause for its popularity. People can witness the whole of Istanbul from its top.




Tour Guide to Çamlica Mosque

A Chance to See the Classic Ottoman Architecture Mixed with Modern Techniques

This mosque is considered one of the most important modes in Turkey. Based on the capacity of total people who can pray in it simultaneously, this mosque tops the list of most prominent mosques in Turkey. You will surely want to visit this mosque and enjoy a quality time there.

·      Main Attraction I-Domes and Minarets

There are total of six minarets in Çamlica Camii. They stand tall at the height of almost 352 feet. The central main dome of the mosque is also a big one as its height is 236 feet. These are colored by nanotechnology.

Çamlica Mosque in Asian side of Istanbul
Çamlica Camii

You must see them from all four directions as they are symbols of Muslim greatness. Minarets symbolize the victories of Seljuk in Malazgrit. This victory opened the gate of Anatolia for Turkish settlement. Seeing them will remind you of the incredible journey of Muslims through your Imagination.

·      Main Attraction II-Conference Hall

Visiting the Conference is a must to do thing in Çamlica Mosque. It is a large hall with great Seljuk architecture style and fantastic lighting. It can seat more than 1000 people. You can enter in it when regular conferences are going in there.

·      Main Attraction III-Prayer Hall

The mosque’s Prayer Hall is the largest one in turkey based on the number of people who can pray in it. Their count is something about 25,000. However, if you calculate the number of people who can pray in the whole mosque, including courtyards, etc., then it will be about 63,000. Amazing! right?
If you are a Muslim, you must visit the prayer hall during prayer times and offer your prayer there. It will be great to stand with such a large number of Muslims. Non-Muslims cannot enter the prayer hall during prayer times.

·      Main Attraction IV-Library

Visiting the mosque and don’t get inside the library is something you never want to do. This vast library of the mosque is a treat to watch. It is 3000 square meters in area. More than 40,000 books are present in the library. These books are related to various religious topics, ottoman empire history, and the rise of Turkey through the crisis. If you love reading, you are going to spend hours sitting in this library and reading books.

·      Main Attraction V-Art Gallery and Workshops

A vast art gallery of 3,500 square meters is also present in the mosque. Along with it, eight art workshops are also present where different artworks keep going. Different art pieces of Muslim history are present in it, and you will want to go through this history.
It will be an incredible journey through the past in this art gallery. Other than that, from the art workshops, you will know how talented people are present in this world.

·      Main Attraction VI-The exterior of the Mosque

The exterior of the mosque is as beautiful as the interior. Though it does not contain any specific building as present inside, it still has the same importance. The main thing to see there are pillars.

The Fascinating Architecture of Çamlica Mosque
The Back Story of Çamlica Mosque

These pillars are made of stones, and these stones were gathered from all corners of Turkey. Other than that, from there, you can see the mesmerizing view of the whole city.

·      How to Get There?

You can use several transport systems to get there after entering the Üsküdar. Metro will be the preferable one. You can also book a tour which will lead you to several other famous visiting spots such as The Grand Bazar, Chora Church, and Eminönü Square. All these Buildings are present within a range of 20 Km from Çamlica Mosque.

·      Entrance Fees and Timings

Çamlica Mosque Entrance is free of any cost. If you are a Muslim, you can get there anytime during the opening hours. Gate Used for Entering the mosque is 21 feet high, 16 feet wide, and weighs more than 6 tons. It is the largest one in turkey. The mosque opens in the morning for Fajar Prayer and remains open for the whole day. However, non-Muslims have to get out of the interior during prayer hours.


Now you know what to expect upon your visit to the largest mosque in Turkey. Çamlica Mosque is a great visiting spot in Istanbul. What are you waiting for? Start your journey towards the Asian side of Istanbul and enjoy a mesmerizing tour of this grand mosque.