Thematic Itineraries

4 itineraries to discover all the beauty of Istanbul

Thinking of Istanbul comes to mind the classic postcard image with the sweet shapes of mosques printed in a breathtaking red sunset, giving life to the idea of ​​a fairytale city. We assure you it’s all true! The immense charm of its Byzantine-style buildings and the colors of local crafts in the Grand Bazaar give Istanbul a magical atmosphere, typical of the Middle East. The Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, just to name a few, are the greatest symbols of the city and express all Ottoman and Islamic art also through a series of colored mosaics. But that is not all!
Here are 4 itineraries to discover Istanbul according to your needs.

Istanbul in 1 day

Best of Istanbul in 1 Day

Embark on a day out in Istanbul and see all the iconic sites. Learn about the rich history from your guide, and visit the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and the Hagia Sophia.

Istanbul in 2 and 3 days

Best of Istanbul in 2 and 3 days

See the sites of Istanbul that most interest you on a customized 1, 2, or 3-day tour with a guide. Marvel at monuments from the Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Princes' islands from Istanbul

Princes' Islands Full Day Tour

Cruise the beautiful Marmara Sea to Princes’ Island by boat. Once on the island enjoy a full tour to explore everything the island has to offer.

Fener and Balat Tour

Fener/Balat Walking Tour, Pierre Loti Hill & Ferry

Explore the historic outer western area of Istanbul away from typical tourist routes. Experience the local culture and lifestyle, admire centuries-old Ottoman buildings!