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Dental Treatments in Istanbul: Achieve a Perfect Smile

Istanbul is renowned for its exceptional dental treatments, attracting patients from around the world seeking high-quality dental care. With a wealth of experienced dentists and state-of-the-art clinics, Istanbul offers comprehensive dental services to address a wide range of oral health needs.
Experience world-class dental care in the vibrant city of Istanbul, where expertise, technology, and personalized attention converge to deliver outstanding oral health outcomes. Whether you require cosmetic enhancements, restorative procedures, or general dental services, Istanbul’s dental community offers a welcoming and professional environment to meet your dental needs.

A new smile low cost

Hollywood Smile: Enhance Your Smile Instantly

Are you dreaming of a flawless smile that can rival those seen in Hollywood? Look no further than Istanbul for the renowned Hollywood Smile treatment. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure offered by Turkeyana Clinic delivers immediate and stunning results. Skilled dentists utilize state-of-the-art techniques to transform your smile, giving you the confidence to light up any room.
There are several types of peels used in the process of the Hollywood Smile operation. The most important ones are:

    • Veneers Peels: One of the latest and most modern dental peels used in the Hollywood Smile operation. Veneers are suitable for all kinds of teeth. The doctor places them over the original teeth.
    • Porcelain Peels: Porcelain ceramic peels are placed over the internal teeth. It is made of metal, and it works on improving the appearance and shape of the patient’s teeth and return them to their original appearance.
    • Zirconia Peels: Zirconia laser peels are applied to the internal teeth. It is used to correct and modify broken teeth.
    • Luminaires: Thin crusts used for external incisors. It aims to improve the color of the teeth and make them harmonized with each other in terms of color and shape.

Though Hollywood Smile is a very easy and simple operation, some exceptions are not suitable for it. Such as:

  • Children or teenagers.
  • People who suffer from dental growth problems.
  • People who are using orthodontics for the moment.
  • People who suffer from fundamental problems such as the loss of a large number of teeth, the presence of severe injections in the gum.
A new smile low cost

Dental Implants: Regain Your Confidence

In recent years, dental implants have gained immense popularity due to the advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Istanbul is a leading destination for top-quality dental implant procedures, and Turkeyana Clinic stands at the forefront of excellence in this field. Experienced team of dentists specializes in dental implants, providing patients with long-lasting, natural-looking results. Say goodbye to gaps in your smile and hello to a restored, confident you. 

The doctor begins a full examination of the patient’s mouth as much as any routine and periodic examination. The doctor also examines the patient’s medical history to make sure there are no chronic diseases that would prevent the patient from having dental implants. Among the conditions that must meet for you to be a candidate for dental implants are:

        • People who have lost one or more teeth and want to implant alternative teeth for cosmetic or medical reasons.
        • The patient undergoing the operation must be free from some diseases that affect the bones, such as diabetes and advanced osteoporosis.
        • The patient undergoing dental implants must have enough bone density to succeed in dental implants.
        • People who keep and maintain their teeth clean and cared for, as the patient must have good oral health.
        • The patient undergoing dental implants should not suffer from chronic high blood pressure.
        • The patient should not be a heavy smoker (more than 10 cigarettes per day).

There are some tips and guidelines that must be followed by the patient undergoing dental implants before the operation in order to have successful dental implants. Such tips are:
– The choice of a specialist doctor with experience, efficiency, and good reputation, as the process of dental implants, is one of the micro-surgical operations.
– The choice of a dental center that is known for its good treatment services offered before and after the operation.
– Maintain routine hygiene of teeth and gums as a patient undergoing dental implants.

Dental treatment in Istanbul

Why Turkeyana in Istanbul?

To choose the best clinic center for you; you should take into consideration those three important things: The excellence of the medical team, the hospital and the technology used. For the medical team; Turkeyana Clinic doctors are highly qualified in their fields, with more than 10 years of practical experience, and certified by the Turkish MOH. Furthermore, Turkeyana Clinic is licensed by 10 high quality medical centers, Hospitals and universities that provides the latest medical techniques.

Is Turkeyana Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey a licensed clinic?

Turkeyana Clinic was licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, as a medical tourism service provider. Now we have more than 5 years of professional experience as an independent center.

Are the results guaranteed? How?

Turkeyana Center has developed a medical policy that builds the trust and satisfaction with our patients. It’s based on two main protocols; the first is to evaluate the results of the operation and to keep in touch with the patients to provide them with the medical and physiological needed support for at least one year later the operation. However, the second is to offer a certificate of guarantee that insures the ability to make any correction process needed within 6 to 12 months of the operation date in Turkeyana without any additional fees.