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Car Rental in Istanbul

If you have landed on this page it is clearly because you came up with the idea of ​​renting a car in Istanbul. Well, in that case there are a few things you need to know, because what you got might – I say might – not have been a great idea. Here are some frequently asked questions on the subject, to which I will try to answer briefly by giving you targeted advice and suggestions.

Do you need a car in Istanbul?

The answer is almost everyone’s agreement: no, you won’t need a rental car in Istanbul, especially if yours is a standard visit, therefore limited to the historic center and, more rarely, to secondary districts.

The smartest and most strategic way to get around Istanbul is to use the Metro and other public transport full-time: the transport network is extremely widespread and allows you to reach virtually all areas of interest in the city. Furthermore, one of the most rewarding experiences is walking around the streets of Istanbul, which remains the best solution for getting around the neighborhoods and areas of major tourist interest.

Getting around in the omnipresent traffic of Istanbul can be a delusional experience, not to mention searching for parking spaces!
There are areas to park your car in the center but we recommend using it if you are in Istanbul for several days and decide to leave the city.

The streets of Istanbul teem with pedestrians and taxis. The former do not always use the predetermined crossings; the latter have a driving style that is not always textbook (as do many drivers in the city).

In which cases is it convenient to rent a car in Istanbul?

  • In case you know Istanbul well and only need to move to the less busy neighborhoods and areas. This can happen because you have found affordable accommodation in the suburbs or because you have to reach non-tourist areas or areas that are not perfectly connected for various reasons.
  • In case you have more time on your hands and want to explore the immediate surroundings of Istanbul: a couple of examples? The Black Sea (in Rumelifeneri area or Cilingoz Nature Park), Bursa and Olympus of Misia, Troy: 1 or 2 day tour from Istanbul.
  • In case after visiting Istanbul you want to live a more demanding on the road: in addition to the classic coast to coast tours, the most common tours are those to Ephesus and to Izmir and Pamukkale. It is also not unusual that a tour can also start from Istanbul to Cappadocia or even in the more southern destinations such as Bodrum. In all these cases, the rental car can be a valid option because it gives you the opportunity to see corners of Turkey that are not very touristic and unique.

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