Misir, perfumes of Istanbul

If in winter the streets are tinged with the brown tones of chestnuts, in summer the color of yellow dominates, the color of the cobs. Often it is the sellers themselves who change their offer depending on the season. The corn on the cob are boiled, then roasted on the grill and finally salted before being served in paper bags. One of the Istanbul street food par excellence.

What is Misir?

Roasted corn on the cob is one of the most popular street foods in Istanbul. Despite this, their presence is not so traditional, in fact the Istanbuliots claim that it is a fairly recent street food.
Their scent can be smelled in almost all the central streets of the city and their taste is really good. This dish, like the others, is easily replicable at home. In fact, after purchasing corn on the cob, all you have to do is boil them and put them in a pan. Seasoning them with a little salt. But eating while walking among the beauties of Istanbul remains one of the most beautiful experiences.

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