Kestane, perfumes of Istanbul

The kestane are roasted chestnuts. Yes, just like those that perfume the streets of many other cities in winter. But in Istanbul the quantity present and the scent in the streets is truly immense. After all, this fruit has been cultivated for a long time both in Turkey and in southern Europe and, before the introduction of potatoes, it was an important food for the poor. One of the street food par excellence, together with misir.

Roasted chestnuts from Istanbul

Roasted chestnuts are one of the most popular street foods in Istanbul. Their presence is so traditional. Their scent can be smelled in almost all the central streets of the city and their taste is really good. This food, like the others, is easily replicable at home. In fact, after purchasing chestnuts, all you have to do is roast them and put them in a pan. Seasoning them with a little salt. But eating while walking among the beauties of Istanbul remains one of the most beautiful experiences.

Kestane in Istanbul