Tavuk Çorbası

Lemon Chicken Soup, one of the most famous Turkish recipes.

Lemon Chicken Soup is one of the most famous Turkish recipes. It is a tasty and exquisite dish, easy to make at home, especially if you want to amaze your guests with a particular and delicious recipe!
On this page we will show you what are the main ingredients to make an amazing Turkish chicken soup and we will see together what are the steps to follow for its preparation.

Tavuk Çorbası recipe

If you have decided to make Tavuk Çorbası, also known as Lemon Chicken Soup, you will need the following ingredients: 100 grams of rice; 1 chicken breast; 1 carrot; 3 tablespoons of flour; 1 cup of chicken broth; 2 egg yolks; 1 onion; Some chopped parsley (just enough); Salt (just enough).
These doses will be enough to bring the portions for four people to the table. So let’s go see how Turkish chicken soup is made.

How do you make Tavuk Çorbası?

To make Turkish Chicken Soup, just follow these steps carefully: First you need to boil the chicken in salted water, adding the carrots, parsley (not chopped) and onion; As soon as the chicken is ready, you can remove it from the broth and cut it into small pieces; At this point, use the broth to cook the rice; When the rice is ready, remove it from the heat and add the chopped parsley; Beat the egg yolks in a container, along with the lemon juice, flour and a cup of hot broth; Combine the egg yolks with flour, lemon and broth, the rice with the parsley and boil everything a second time;
Finally, you can arrange the chicken pieces on the plate and pour the boiling mixture over them. At this point the Turkish Chicken Soup will be ready and you just have to serve it at the table and enjoy this tasty dish with your guests!

Tavuk Çorbası