Mücver, traditional fried meatballs prepared with chopped zucchini.

Mücver are traditional pancakes from Turkish cuisine. They are generally vegetarian and prepared with chopped zucchini but may also contain feta or more vegetables such as grated carrots.
The addition of starch and yeast to the pancake batter makes them particularly elastic and airy with a very sharp exterior. They are often flavored with dill and chilli. They are enjoyed as hot or hot mezze and are generally accompanied by a very fresh sauce based on garlic-flavored yogurt. Mücver is delicious when it is also served with raw vegetables.
Mücver means “jewel” in Turkish. As part of a mezze meal, mücver easily replaces meatballs, so you don’t need to serve both at the same time. However, they can be eaten as a simple snack or at dinner with a salad.

How to make mücver?

To make delicious mücver pancakes, it is best to use Turkish summer squash, which is generally lighter and smaller and contains less water. They must be grated and then squeezed so as not to be too wet and therefore risk dipping the batter.

This preparation consists of beaten eggs, a dry mixture of cornstarch and all-purpose flour, yeast and various flavors such as chopped dill and red pepper flakes. Once well mixed, the preparation is fried in small, spoon-sized portions in a very hot pan between 320 F and 375 F (160˚C and 190 ° C) depending on the desired result.

The hotter the oil, the more colorful and crunchy the pancakes will be on the outside. It is also to prevent them from soaking in oil when cooking too slowly. To prevent the preparation from sticking to the bottom of the pan, gently mix the pan and not the zucchini pancakes, which are very fragile at first and could break.

Once they turn golden, the pancakes are cooked and must inevitably be drained onto a paper towel, which will absorb the excess oil. It is also necessary to season the pancakes with salt right from frying, so that they immediately absorb the salt. They can therefore be eaten hot or hot.

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