Cacık, one of the most popular meze

There is a meze that is loved and widespread in Turkish cuisine, the cacık, made with cucumbers and yoghurt. Anyone who has already visited Turkey will surely have seen or tasted it. Anyone who has been to Greece will have discovered tzatiki which is very similar to Turkish cacık.
The cacık recipe is simple. It is very quick to prepare, as you need few, easy-to-find ingredients. In a couple of minutes, you will offer your guests a refreshing appetizer and look great for offering them this Turkish dish.

Cacık recipe

These are the ingredients to prepare a cacık for 4 people:

– 2 glasses of yogurt (ideally Greek or why not, homemade)
– 1 glass of water
– 4 medium cucumbers
– 2 cloves of garlic
– salt, mint and olive oil

Preparation of cacık: We start peeling the cucumbers to grate them in a large bowl. Add some Greek yogurt and cold water, stirring until the preparation becomes creamy. Personally, in the kitchen, I prefer Greek yogurt much more to the classic white yogurt, because I find it more suitable!

After having minced the garlic, add it to our cacık, almost ready, and mix. Season with salt and add the mint and, if you like, the dill.

The cacık can be served in small bowls with a drizzle of oil and a little dried mint.

The water dosage is at your discretion as it allows you to make a denser or more liquid cacık.

Turkish tzatiki