Ayran: from Turkey the fresh yogurt drink

Ayran or Ayran milk is a yoghurt-based drink originating from Turkish cuisine and today appreciated in various Eastern and Asian countries. It is characterized by its slightly salty taste and many beneficial properties. It is indicated in low-calorie diets, a source of mineral salts and nutrients typical of dairy products.
Let’s discover all the qualities of this simple thirst-quenching drink.

Ayran: what is it?

Ayran is a refreshing and thirst-quenching non-alcoholic drink made with yogurt, water and salt, typical of Turkey, but also very popular in Greece, the Balkan countries, Central Asia and the Middle East, although it is called by different names.

Perhaps many are familiar with kefir – very popular in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe – or Indian lassi, in fact it is practically the same as ayran.

It is consumed cold or with the addition of ice during the main and very spicy meals based on meat, fish, rice and vegetables, but it is also drunk between meals simply to quench your thirst and to replenish mineral salts in the very hot season.

Origins of Ayran

Turkey is still today the main producer and consumer of ayran. In fact, the habit of adding salt to yogurt was born in these lands in order to extend the storage time.
This drink is made with both sheep’s and goat’s milk, as well as cow’s milk. In the past it was also common to use milk from different sources, such as dromedary milk. Depending on the milk used and the processing, the drink takes on a different consistency and can also produce more or less bubbles.


Ayran milk
Ayran characteristics

Ayran: benefits

This Att-based drink is not widespread in the West, unless you taste it in some typical Turkish restaurant. Few therefore know the many beneficial properties of this milk, which among other things is pleasant to drink if you consume spicy dishes, such as kebabs, or in general, to relieve thirst in the very hot months.
Its thirst-quenching power is in fact greater than even that of a glass of water and is able to relieve the burning sensation caused by spicy foods.
The characteristics have been scientifically proven and it was found to be a prebiotic food, probiotic and saline supplement.
Each 100 gr contain carbohydrates (about 3 gr), proteins (1.74 gr), fat (1 gr), sorbic acid (8 mg), fibers (0), calories (30 kcal per 100 gr).
This salty drink is a huge source of mineral salts, as well as lactic ferments and typical milk proteins such as lactose.
Recommended for those who: must replenish the mineral salts lost during physical activity; must take mineral salts in the hot summer season due to excessive sweating; it needs to regularize the intestine by improving the intestinal bacterial flora; must digest a spicy and spicy meal. It is also recommended in low-calorie diets for the assimilation of nutrients.


Ayran: the home recipe

Preparing Ayran is really simple and in the countries that consume it regularly it is really a common habit. You too can easily prepare this milk and serve it to guests during a spicy dinner: it will be a happy surprise to end the meal well and digest without heartburn.

How to prepare ayran
Ingredients for 1 mug of soft drink: 1 cup of natural whole yogurt, 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of salt.

Put the yogurt and water together with the salt in a blender and let the yogurt go at high speed for about 1 minute. It must be very fluffy. It should be served cold or with ice in glass or copper mugs, as per Turkish tradition.

In the traditional version it is customary to add a few mint leaves and even a little garlic which makes the drink really excellent to accompany traditional Turkish cuisine.

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