Galata Tower welcomes visitors once again

Mag 30, 2024 | News

Close-up of the Galata Tower in Istanbul

The iconic Galata Tower, a beloved landmark in Istanbul, has reopened its doors to the public following an extensive restoration project. This historic tower, known for its panoramic views of the city, is now ready to welcome visitors eager to experience its charm and beauty.

Historical Restoration

The restoration began on November 1, 2023, when the 8th floor of the tower was closed to start the necessary repairs. One of the most significant aspects of the restoration was the removal and reinstallation of the tower’s 270-kilogram copper pinnacle. Situated 63 meters above the ground, this pinnacle was carefully taken down and replaced in four separate parts.

In addition to the pinnacle’s restoration, extensive georadar studies were conducted on the tower’s walls and foundations to ensure its structural integrity. On February 23, the entire tower underwent a closure to facilitate further external repairs, including strengthening the structure to better withstand earthquakes. During this period, the 674-year-old tower was enveloped in scaffolding and covered with a green construction net, marking a significant phase in its conservation efforts.

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Galata Tower by night

Scientific and artistic approach to restoration

The restoration of Galata Tower was meticulously carried out following scientific and artistic guidelines. These measures were taken not only to preserve the tower’s aesthetic and historical significance but also to safeguard its role as a haven for migratory swift birds. The project aimed at maintaining the integrity of the tower while ensuring it remains a pivotal part of Istanbul’s cultural heritage.

Visiting the reopened Galata Tower

Now that the restoration is complete, Galata Tower has reopened with enhanced safety and beauty, ready to captivate visitors once more. Admission to the tower is set at 30 euros or 1000 Turkish Lira, although entry is free for those holding a Muze card. To manage visitor flow and maintain a comfortable experience, entrance is limited to groups of up to 100 people per hour. This allows everyone a chance to enjoy the tower without overcrowding, making each visit a pleasant and memorable experience.

Experience Istanbul from above

Visitors to Galata Tower can now once again climb to its upper levels and enjoy unmatched views of Istanbul’s sprawling cityscape. From its top, one can see the confluence of East and West, the old mingling with the new, and the vibrant life of one of the world’s most historic cities.

For anyone planning a trip to Istanbul, a visit to the newly restored Galata Tower is a must. Not only will you witness a key piece of Istanbul’s history, but you’ll also enjoy a visual feast from its famous vantage point. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning enthusiast, the tower offers a fresh perspective with each visit.

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Plan your visit

To experience the magic of Galata Tower and its breathtaking views, be sure to add it to your Istanbul itinerary. With its doors now open, the tower invites all to explore its historical depths and enjoy the panoramic sights of this dynamic city.

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